Worship at General Synod

Lections and Liturgical Suggestions for Sunday July 14

Suggested Lections and Liturgies for use throughout the Anglican Church of Canada on Sunday July 14, 2019. On this day Members of Synod will be joining parish churches in the Diocese of New Westminster.

Morning and Evening Prayer at General Synod

Morning and Evening Prayer for General Synod 2019 is simple in its structure.  It draws on the work of the Church of England’s Common Worship:  Daily Prayer where each weekday in the weeks following Pentecost remind us of the seasons of the Church’s year:  Thursday (Epiphany), Friday (Lent), Saturday (All Saints), Monday (Pentecost) and Tuesday (Advent).  In the Anglican Church of Canada this structure influenced the preparation of the Trial Use Daily Offices by the Liturgy Task Force presented to General Synod in 2016.

We shall gather and sing.  We shall hear the Word proclaimed and reflect on what the Word is speaking to us today.  We shall offer our intercessions and pray the Lord’s Prayer in the many languages God has given to us to express our prayers and praise.  Then we shall be sent into the work of the day before us.  On Saturday we shall hear the Sunday gospel in preparation for our parish visits.

As we pray together, please pray quietly enough so that you can hear the voices of your neighbours.  This way our prayer rises as a symphony of voices lifted up before God in prayer.