Resolution Number A173 – Long Term Disability Plan

Subject: Long Term Disability Plan

Moved By: The Ven. Alan Perry
Seconded By: The Ven. David Selzer

Be it resolved that this General Synod:  

Confirm the amendments to the Long Term Disability Plan approved by the Council of General Synod as attached to this resolution. 

Source: Pension Committee                   

Submitted By: Judy Robinson, Executive Director               

Does this motion contain within it any financial implications?      Yes     No

If yes, has the General Synod Expenditures Committee considered the implications?   Yes    No


Confirmation of amendments previously approved by the Council of General Synod.

Pursuant to Canon VIII section 4(b), the Pension Committee is empowered to adopt and amend regulations regarding the pension and benefits plans that it administers, subject to the approval of the Council of General Synod. All such regulations must be confirmed by the General Synod at its next session in order to remain in effect. These amendments were duly adopted by the Pension Committee and ratified by the Council of General Synod during the last triennium. They are presented for confirmation by the General Synod as required by the canon referred to above. 


In the normal course, an ordinary motion must be passed by a majority of the members of General Synod present and voting together. Six members of General Synod may, prior to the question being put, require a vote by Orders, with a majority of each Order being necessary to pass. 

If a question passes on a Vote by Orders, any six members (two from each of three different dioceses) may immediately before the next item of business require a vote to be taken by dioceses. A motion passes if a majority (or a tie) of dioceses vote in favour. 

Source: Sections 4 and 5 of the Declaration of Principles and sections 18, 19 and 20 of the Rules of Order and Procedure.