First Report, Nominating Committee


  • 99 nominations for Standing and Coordinating Committees
  • 25 dioceses and the Anglican Military Ordinariate
  • 58 ordained & 41 laity
  • 6 Under 26 years
  • 26 27-50 years
  • 45 51-65 years
  • 22 Over 65 years
  • 7 Nominations from Indigenous persons

* Member of Council of General Synod

Financial Management

  • The Ven. Trevor Freeman, Clergy, BC & Yukon
  • The Rev. Canon Leo Martin, Clergy, Canada
  • Cynthia Haines Turner, Laity, Canada
  • Andrew Clinkard, Laity, Ontario


  • Joyce Badley, Laity, Ontario
  • Robert Dickson, Laity, BC & Yukon
  • The Ven. Alan Perry, Clergy, Rupert’s Land
  • The Ven. David Selzer, Clergy, Ontario
  • The Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Woodcroft, Bishop, Rupert’s Land
  • The Rt. Rev. Mary Irwin-Gibson, Bishop, Canada


  • Canon Ian Alexander*, Laity, BC & Yukon
  • Canon Donna Bomberry, Laity, Ontario
  • The Rt. Rev. William Cliff, Bishop, Rupert’s Land
  • The Very Rev. James McShane, Clergy, Ontario

Faith, Worship and Ministry 

  • The Ven. Douglas Fenton, Clergy, BC & Yukon
  • The Very Rev. Paul Williams, Clergy, BC & Yukon
  • Lyds Keesmaat-Walsh*, Laity, Ontario

Partners in Mission 

  • Benjamin Stuchbery, Laity, Canada
  • The Ven. Charlene Taylor, Clergy, Canada
  • The Rt. Rev. Michele Pollesel, Bishop, Ontario

Public Witness for Social and Ecological Justice

  • Sydney Brouillard-Coyle, Laity, Ontario
  • Jane Cox, Laity, Ontario
  • The Rev. David Burrows, Clergy, Canada

Resources for Mission

  • Canon Dr. Gary Russell, Laity, Rupert’s Land
  • The Rev. Canon Paulette Bugden*, Clergy, Canada
  • The Ven. Jane Humphries, Clergy, Ontario

Moved by: The Rev. Dr. Karen Egan
Seconded by: Larry Renouf

That this General Synod adopt the Report of the Nominating Committee for membership on Standing and Coordinating Committees 2019-2022.