Resolution Number A202 – The Season of Creation

Subject: The Season of Creation

Moved By: The Very Rev. Ken Gray
Seconded By: The Rt. Rev. Lynne McNaughton

Be it resolved that this General Synod:  

  1. Adopt The Season of Creation in the Anglican Church of Canada as an annual time of prayer, education and action from September 1 – October 4;
  2. Encourage dioceses to engage with the Season of Creation, and to develop initiatives, resources and suitably authorized liturgies for use during the season; and
  3. Direct the Creation Matters Working Group to monitor, network and share Season of Creation initiatives through the General Synod website and in other ways.

Source: Creation Matters Working Group  

Submitted By: Public Witness for Social and Ecological Justice Coordinating Committee                 

Does this motion contain within it any financial implications?      Yes     No

If yes, has the General Synod Expenditures Committee considered the implications?   Yes    No


The Season of Creation is an annual season of prayer, education and action to protect the gift of God’s creation, observed and celebrated by Christians around the world from September 1 – October 4. The Season of Creation has become a global movement with strong local connections, and has increasingly been celebrated by member churches of the Anglican Communion, including many parishes and dioceses within the Anglican Church of Canada. In June of 2018 the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby, joined several other Christian leaders to invite greater participation in the Season of Creation and subsequently added his own specific encouragement:

“Creation is God’s intricate work of art, and human beings are privileged to be placed within it. In this Season of Creation, we celebrate God the Creator, we thank God for the extraordinary riches of his grace. But we also come in sorrow for the way we have defaced creation and misused it for our own ends. In this Season, let’s find again a true vision of what being made in the image of God, caring for creation can mean, and commit ourselves to action.”


In the normal course, an ordinary motion must be passed by a majority of the members of General Synod present and voting together. Six members of General Synod may, prior to the question being put, require a vote by Orders, with a majority of each Order being necessary to pass. 

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Source: Sections 4 and 5 of the Declaration of Principles and sections 18, 19 and 20 of the Rules of Order and Procedure.